About Us

CleoRiggz is a small company whos main focus is giving the best possible experiance to our clients.

We offer a wide range of repairs from ipods and phones to Computers and Tablets. We love a challenege and are always happy to try and fix any of your devices weather we have fixed one before or not (we are not held responsible for damages that may occour when repairing these devices). CleoRiggz is always learning new skills and keeping up to date with electronics to ensure we can serve your every need.

What We Offer

Should you need anything from upgrades to replacment components, we can assist you with this and make your visit as easy as possible.
We have all been in that situation when we have dropped our phones or had issues with them, We offer a wide range of fixes from replacement screen to charger port repairs.
From time to time our tablets are used by kids, whether it be your children or a childish grown up, Our tablets can be beaten and damaged. That is where we come in with our cheap tablet repairs.